100 photos in 30 minutes

Your task should you choose to accept it… make 100 photographs in 30 minutes. Shoot any environment, inside or outside, home or public space.

I read some of the learning logs on this exercise before I started, and saw that the main issue people had was time. They found it difficult to shoot so many shots in such a short period of time. So before even beginning I was determined to negate this problem. So with this in mind it seems the reverse happened – like a US cop, my trigger finger was markedly over zealous and I had over 100 shots in less than 20 minutes. I could probably have spent longer of composition, shapes and tones, but with the quantity rather than quality adage in mind I continued at pace.

Exercise 1.1-1

The plan from the outset was to go to a place where I could shoot fast, with a variety of subjects close at hand. So I went to a mates house. He lives on a regular housing estate which I suspected would be pretty deserted at this time of day. The aim of this was to give me a rather mundane, grey, run-of-the-mill domestic environment. The title of the chapter is of course landscape and environment so this impacted on my selection. I decided also to use the widest angled lens I had – the intention being to capture as much as possible, knowing I could frame and compose better in post-production.

Exercise 1.1-2

My mate is also an antique dealer, so I knew that after a 10-minute external shoot I could go in to his house and shoot some close up of his tat. This would satisfy a more close-up composition, plus the unpredictable nature of the shapes and his storage, might allow for some interesting pictorial structure.

Due to being in hospital and unwell over Christmas my mate has lost a fair bit of weight, and looks rather drawn. So in a totally selfish strategy I thought that I may be able to catch some shots of him, at home, in his environment, wrapped up for the cold, looking a little drawn and tired – I know its pretty heartless. Strangely he wasn’t really up for posing and didn’t fancy any portraits that would ultimately remind him in the future of how sick he has been. I know, some people! So I just took some unposed, surreptitious shots. This resulted in some badly light, badly focused images, but they do somewhat capture the rather rundown lethargy that naturally but unintentionally permeates the house due to his illness.


I can’t say that I am especially happy with the shots. But they aren’t a million miles away from what I was expecting, so any failings in them is a decision and planning problem. But within that they did satisfy my 3-pronged attack, of 1) external mundane environment, 2) internal environment with still-life tatfest, and 3) man in his environment, in this case suddenly housebound so very natural. They give me a basis to work with as I move on through the exercises, and from what I can gather, that was the aim.


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