Exercise 1.10 – Shutter speed

Make a series of experiments bracketing only the shutter speed, for example by using1/250th sec, then 1/60th sec, 1/15th sec, etc. You’ll go from freezing movement to blurring movement. Think about interesting moving subjects and note down some ideas: people, nature, machines, etc. Note the most effective ways you could photograph them: by panning the camera with a moving object or by holding the camera still. Try not to fall for visual clichés; if you’ve recognised that something is a cliché, move away and search for something new. All visual art is refreshed by new ideas.

OK I needed to do something with shutter speeds, so I needed something that moved pretty quick, along side something that didn’t move – so I sent a kid down a tube.

I simply found an interesting slide and got one of my kids to slide down it. The idea was that there would be some sort of typical blur along the lines of cars zooming by, waterfalls, the usual – but it didn’t totally work out like that. The winter sun hit the tube/ slide, the sensor on the camera was freaked out by the colours, which to me made the shots at least a little interesting. The blur of speed is mostly abstracted due to a blurring of the lines between figure and slide – but I guess part of the aim was to avoid a cliche. They aren’t the best shots – they are kid shots – but they covered the brief enough, and the curve of the planes of the slide were attractive to me. The shutter speeds are underneath each shot. Other specs stayed the same. I took a series of shots moving through the shutter speeds but clearly they are not all from the same trip down the slide – that took a few goes.

slide6Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/320th sec

slide (1 of 1)

Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/160th sec


Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/200th sec


Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/160th sec


Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/125th sec


Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/100 sec

slide2Above : ISO160, f3.2, exposure time 1/80thsec


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