Exercise 1.12 Smash!

Lets be honest – I failed. It simply didn’t work. It was a very simple principle. Balloons filled with paint, smashed off a canvas which would a) generate typical splash/ smash type photos, while b) creating a Jack the Dripper type canvas.

My main problem was that I couldn’t find water-balloons, so I just bought ordinary ones. I filled these with suitable paint, set up the canvas board. Set up the camera at a safe enough distance it didn’t get covered in paint, and began to throw. Then the real issue began – the balloons wouldn’t burst. Because they were too big and therefore too springy they just bounced. The clue to this brief is in the title and I guess if they ask for smash and my object doesn’t smash then it has to be put down as a failure.

To try and rectify situation I stuck pins in the balloons – but that didn’t really work either, other than to give me nice streams of pain squirting out – but they are hardly smashes.

So I have since found some water balloons and will have another crack at it tomorrow. But here are the failed efforts. If it doesn’t work tomorrow I am writing this one off…










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  1. Kate says:

    I had three goes at this one if I remember correctly, involving both smashing things and poking them with a pin on the end of a chopstick! I like the colours and motion here.


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