The colourful Mr Eggleston…

I am sure you have probably seen this – I am usually the last to know – but I found on YouTube a pretty interesting documentary where William Eggleston gets Yentobbed.

So the guy invents colour photography yadda yadda – but this documentary has some interesting points on his work practices – 1 shot per subject, never more… using high-quality processing that was only used in fashion and commercial photography, working fast because he isn’t confrontational and doesn’t like to be in peoples faces while taking the photograph.

Now in terms of people doing a part time course Mr Eggleston does have some ‘inherited’ advantages – his family were very wealthy Southern cotton growers – so he was able to do a semester here, and a semester there for 5 or 6 years without any requirement ever to complete anything.

His links to Warhol’s factory are interesting and also available on YouTube is some of Egglestons movie work – which is also fascinating as it has no editing. He is obviously very determined, and it would appear not too bothered about what people think of him, or how he should act – he managed to keep one house with his wife and kids in, and another household with his mistress.

Its worth a look anyway…



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