Exercise 2.2 – People & activity part 1

I am writing this up the day after doing the work. I had a very enjoyable morning at the airport and took over 200 shots – the notes did suggest taking lots of photos. I would recommend airports as a place to go for shooting – 50% of people will have cameras on them, the rest are buying new ones for their holiday and stand around trying to figure out how they work, so you can blend in really easily. Plus you can have a coffee whenever you want, and go for a wee if necessary – its the future.

I had in mind some of the images I would be aiming for so knew where I would position myself. I also got some extra shots which aren’t really activity, but I liked them. The futuristic nature of airports, and their high-tech working ordinariness suits my sensibilities I think.

Here are a selection of the contact sheets from the shoot. There were 14 sheets in total – no one wants to see them all I am sure – so here are a random selection. I am aiming to have around 10 final images. The coursework suggests 10%, but I feel 20 is too many.




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