Exercise 2.2 – People and activity – part 2

Following on from the coursework suggestions I have edited down my selection. This wasn’t too difficult – some were pretty much duplications, others poor, a couple even out of focus… I then reduced it down to around 20 shots which I worked on. These were all processed in Lightroom – though some I was still not happy with even after this work – just something about some of them I didn’t like.

I reduced the edit down to 10 shots – this is the figure I had in mind – of which I like 4, really like 2 or 3.

I was happy with the project as a whole. 2 or 3 good shots from a project would suit me fine. I think the key for this project for me was the starting point of the Wall image. It gave me an injection from which the momentum of the images carried me through. Not all shots were based around people, or the activity, but without that initial thought then these non-people images wouldn’t have existed. This injection of Wall led to some shots of cleaners (and the cleaning trolley) inspired by Wall’s Volunteer (1996) and Morning Cleaner (1999). I was also aware of the street lighting in Overpass (2001) which I tried to get in to some images. Also I wanted to feature the walkway across the road to ensure there was at least some ‘overpass’ included. Also the colour palette was influential, as was the leading lines, shadows and overcast sky.

Also key was the environment – not simply the location, but the clean, bright, futuristic environment. Wheely cases were an obvious link.




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