Project 1 – Activity, depth & distance

These are my initial plans for the people and activity exercise which kicks off this project. I read through the material and was initially quite happy with the suggestions of a football match or political rally. I took on board the suggestions to research the types of photographs and photographers that inspire you, so began flicking through some of Jeff Walls images – with a focus on activity. It was his shot Overpass, 2001, that led me to consider a trip the airport. In his image (which should be below as part of my notes), 4 people are walking away from the viewer, but we don’t know why – they may be travelling, homeless, moving, together or apart. So I wanted to create something similar – a similar look or feel anyway – inspired by this. The colour palette, people moving away etc was something I had in mind – so I had some form of pre-visualisation of the images before I even set out.

I wanted to make images that were somewhat distant, slightly cold, a little like modern airports really. Wall is my starting point, and then I hope to see where that takes me. I wanted to get the people as they headed away on holiday – try and get to them before Martin Parr does. I also want to be mindful of not creating ‘airport’ stock photographs – businessman with briefcase on mobile phone in front of jet; captain and air hostess walk purposefully across runway.

I made the decision to take only a small camera. I wanted to blend in and not stand out as some heavily weighed down intruder – so no big lenses, no tripod, no flash. I had it in mind I would shoot from outside the airport in case current security had me pegged as a terrorist. However I did some research on the filming at the airport and according to their website it shouldn’t be a problem.

These are the relevant pages from my sketchbook/ notebook.


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