Exercise 2.5 An identikit portrait

4 people, 4 squarish tubes, 4 facial features….

I put 4 people against the kitchen wall and shot them!! – its a plain wall and convenient. I had a 105mm lens on the camera which I use often as a portrait camera though its sold as a Macro lens – I like the glass in it I think. The light could have been better maybe, and the print outs weren’t great, but served its purpose. I printed them around A5 in size, cut them down and generally squared them up. I actually did more rectangles than squares, so that there was ‘a feature’ on each side, rather than one side having nose and mouth and the other side having nothing…. I hope I have explained that clearly enough.

I then had some assistance holding the ‘squares’ together, before re-shooting. I then put the images in to Lightroom where I was able to zoom in closer and reframe a little. It was pretty comical putting the images together.

When the text suggested various ways we could develop this, I had considered using some of the kids dolls to put together a composite – Identikits always look strange enough and false as it is, so a plastic version might work. I had also thought about including a few more people, making the features separated out etc – plus a Picasso style might be interesting – who said the features had to be in any particular place. When talking about a photograph not simply being a ‘flat image’ it reminded me of an interesting reference book I have read called Post-Photography by Robert Shore (Lawrence King) which looks at the use of photography outside of the flat definitive moment – http://www.laurenceking.com/en/post-photography-the-artist-with-a-camera/



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