Exercise 2.7 People in light

Take a series of photographs of the same person in different kinds of light. Do this over a week or so – certainly on more than one occasion. Aim to make at least 9 portraits and mount them on a grid. 

I had had the idea on one of the previous exercises to utilise some of my daughters’ dolls. This is the kind of nonsense we have around the house all the time so very much at hand. Also I am keen to use some friends and family throughout this course, so am trying not to overwhelm them early on. Though my kids play with them a lot and don’t seem fazed by them in any respect, most of their dolls I find quite creepy. I took just one of their dolls and used it as a model in various light sources, from morning sun to candle light, to out in the dark. I wouldn’t be surprised if I use some of their toys again.


Clockwise from top left – Torchlight; inside daylight; outside daylight; fluorescent light; outside night; inside night, light from TV; bounced daylight; candle light. Centre – white camera light.


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  1. Interesting, I wonder what the assessors Will make of the doll!!! Personally I like it, its kind of shermanesk.


    1. oca515648 says:

      Taking pictures of it for this is probably fine. But when I start buying it clothes, bringing it on holiday and making it part of family portraits then its probably time to worry!!!

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