Exercise 2.8 Fill-flash

Bringing out the foreground subject with a flash that is balanced with ambient light.

Firstly I hate flash. Can’t do it, never liked it, and never use it. I used to think that it was just the on-camera flash that I hated, so went out and bought an external flash that is in all general reviews pretty good, and guess what? I hate that one too. Because of this I wasn’t looking forward to doing this at all, and actually put it off for a little while and went and did a separate little project for myself.

When I did decide that I had to do it – it says I have to in the book – I didn’t put a great deal of thought in to it I am afraid. I simply took a mate to the pub, asked could we use a quite corner and took some shots of him. I tried to get around the bright light coming in through the window that normally confuses the camera into making the subject dark by using the flash – this worked but is still pretty insipid and uninspiring. For some reason my model went all Man at C&A on me and started posing, but still it did the job with the flash.

I will say that at least the project got me familiar with the actual flash itself. I had read the book, had used it, but not at the speed I would have liked and this exercise helped.



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