If you get a chance to read


I always find it rather awkward as to know what to write when suggesting books and certainly when I go further as to recommend them on here. I am not a reviewer of books, generally haven’t read the whole book (most are pictures or reference) so feel that writing some long blog entry recommending it to others is rather egotistical.

So in that vein I would prefer to keep it nice and short and suggest that if you get a chance to have a flick through or a decent read of Diane Arbus’ Revelations then its pretty impressive. She has put it together herself – so its an interesting selection. What I think is most interesting about it, and why I would recommend it, is that apart from the photographs – and really the usual suspects are here, twins – check, drag acts – check, dwarves and giants – check, is that you also see some of her notebooks and work practices. There are images of her studio, her files, her notes and planning. This type of information I always find beneficial, a little inspiring and hugely practical.

Its a bit of a whopper of a book and I happened to find it in the outsized section of the library. My local library’s photography section is pretty poor so it was good to find. But if you are feeling flush it is also available on all tax-avoiding websites.





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