Exercise 3.3 – Sequence

Serials in Sequence

It was interesting having the opportunity to use found, or appropriated images. Simply the selection of each image makes a statement. I was conscious of finding a topic, before I even considered what images to put in the topic. So there was no searching of the archive and finding connectivity. The connectivity was decided by the topic.

I was required to do 6 images in sequence. I thought that I would mix the idea of series and sequences. So I decided to do a sequence through serial killers. The sequence was therefore the timelines. Through from the 50’s to the 00’s, I picked one of the most famous UK killers. Rather macabre I will accept, but I don’t think it is beyond examination. Also, I felt, that the images of famous killers are typically timeless. This isn’t a new theory, Marcus Harvey used the famous photograph of Myra Hindley in his 1997 painting Myra. These images become iconic, rather timeless. As with any other photographs, the people in the images don’t age. However, unlike the iconic movie star photographs which can get replaced as the star ages, our inability to see the killer, their lack of contact with the outside world means the image is the last/ only impression we have of them. So like the image of the dead movie star, the Marilyn, the image becomes timeless.

I also didn’t want to simply reproduce these images without alteration, without a point, without a change. So I decided to mesh the images with something else that was happening at the same time as the killings, a counter-point if you like. Picking something from the news seemed to me to not really a counter-point, more another example/sign of the times. So I chose instead to pick a famous comedy show that would have been on TV as the killers were in action. The contrast then between the killer and the comedy would be interesting and see how that played out. I didn’t make up these titles, they weren’t obscure, you probably know them well. So by pairing them with the images we could see how it works out. All I did was Google, ‘famous uk comedy shows of XXX’ decade. I then picked a title that seemed odd, interesting, pertinent, whatever. So the image of the killer is twinned with its relevant show.

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All images were found on Google, and copyright seemed to be unclaimed by anyone. People, in order are Christie, Hindley, Neilsen, Sutcliffe, The Wests and Wright. Some of these were constructed in photoshop, others through paper and cellotape.


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