Research Point – Eadweird…

The first thing I always remember about Eadweard Muybridge is that the guy can’t even spell his own name properly – and WordPress agrees with me. Try typing his name in and it autocorrects to Edward.

I guess his work is interesting – however, probably through over-familiarity, partially through being of their time despite being ‘experimental’, but to me now his sequences seem rather dull. He is a really interesting guy – I love him – he looks Rasputin like in his weird intensity, he invents a number of interesting technologies and processes, he shoots his wife’s lover and gets away with it – great stuff. But to be honest, if I have seen one type of cat running along, then changing it to a bigger cat doesn’t greatly add to the appeal. I appreciate the scientific advances it offers, I like the idea of winning the bet that a horse’s foot never leaves the ground – I enjoy the frame by frame stylishness that I think says ‘Muybridge’ and I think I could use this somewhere. The use of numbers at the base of the image, the vertical and horizontal lines behind the forms, all make the images essentially Muybridge, and I wonder how these details could be used. Did he do a tortoise, I wonder if he did a tortoise, or a snail? I have Googled it and can’t see that he did. I might do that.


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