Assignment Three – Another clone

This morning I went to the printers to pick up the latest re-print of pages from the Illustrated History of Clowns and Clowning. Because of the high quality of the work the printers are producing, it has worked out very expensive to get it laid out, copied, images made, and then finally printed. Because of this I have been doing it in stages – just to spread the cost.

There has been no real order in the selection that we (the printers and I) have made. We have agreed that over the course of the next year or whatever, we will print up all 23 clown stories – so it isn’t totally important which one is done when.

What is staggering about this image and story – apart from the general sadness of it – is that in conversations with Prof. Andrews wife, she mentioned Christy Weaving’s doll – ‘his Daughter Monique’ – as being in her possession. I have written to her to see if I can buy this doll from her or at least get more photographs.

According to the printers the next page should be ready a little quicker, as the damage to the original page etc is not so bad. When all the pages have been copied successfully I will upload the old pages also so you can see how well the printers have done reproducing the pages. These pages are also interesting in that they are one of the few ‘double pages’ that I have – where one page leads to another in sequence. There were 2 illustrations for this story, which makes me wonder how many of the other histories that I have would have been the same and I am sadly missing the remaining pages.




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