Assignment three – And another one

As I mentioned last time the printer has managed to speed up some of his processes, and hence this page was reproduced much quicker than before. Now to be fair to the guy, this page was in better condition, with less creasing and foxing. So according to our discussion today, that made it much easier to get a good scan of the image.

Also apparently with the text, the formatting is much the same on each page – so his typesetters have found redoing the pages much quicker now.

Incidentally, this was one of the original pages that I had spoken to David (the circus administrator) about all that time ago in the pub. I WhatsApp’d him today and though he has read the message, he hasn’t yet replied. The printer always gives me paper proofs, as well as a copy on a USB stick – so I have sent him the scan also. The USB scans are what is on here – really for convenience sake. I can’t believe it has taken so long to get to this stage with the pages, but at least now they are starting to come in.

Paddyfor the web

Its interesting with some of these single pages – pages where I don’t have what has come before – to catch the end of stories. To read the last few lines of whomever the previous clown was and yet not to get the name – so I can’t even Google it. I am no closer to get a full copy of the book – though did see it mentioned in an academic paper (referenced) on Google Scholar – so I have emailed the person who wrote the paper see if they know where I can find it. Though to be frank, the academic paper was written in 2006, so even if the guy did have access to the whole book at the time, he probably doesn’t remember.


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