Exercise 4.1 Fragments

I wanted to avoid the normal grouping of still lives. I wasn’t opposed to doing traditional style lives – but just wanted to play with the set-up really. So because of this I chose traditional still life objects, bottle, fruit, flowers – the usual – but tried to mess a bit with the structure.

I have been reading Charlotte Cotton’s book on The Photograph as Contemporary Art – its a nice run through of important contemporary photographers. Its really a starting point – make a note of the individual names and then get a better idea of their work from Google later on – that kind of thing.

One of the interesting parts is the mention of Jeff Wall’s Diagonal Composition series of the early 1990’s. They are constructed structures, made to look found, but placed together and showing a diagonal lines throughout. So we get some discussion on how ordinary things become extraordinary through being photographed.

This made me try and construct a still life, but in a linear form. Each piece that should be in a still life is there, but not typically grouped – instead in a line.

I dont think this was particularly successful – actually successful at all. In some ways the deconstructed still life is an interesting concept, but this hasn’t worked. I tried constructing the image in Photoshop so that I could spin them better, but this didn’t really work either.





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