Exercise 4.2 Constructed imagergy

We have had builders in and the house has been all over the place. However, it did mean that some rooms were empty for painting and new carpets blah blah. So I had some space, which I could use. Over some time I started just moving things into a wall space. I would go off, come back 20 minutes later and see what was there – and in some kind of word association system pick another object related to what was there.

It wasn’t an ideal system and I should have used more variation in light – using lamps, night time etc. Much of the relationships were in my head rather than obvious. So the fact that one elephant, moves to another elephant nearby – and its relationship was actually based on Father Ted explaining to Dougal – ‘Okay, one last time. These are small…but those out there are far away. Small…far away.’ I couldn’t find the cows, and elephants took their place.

I also wanted to fill the frame – so went in tighter than I had planned, rather than relying on massive objects. However I  knew I wanted to finish with a mattress – not totally in a Jeff Wall way again, but also in the sense you can’t really have a pile of crap in the corner of a room without throwing a mattress on top.





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