Exercise 4.3 Assembly

I set up the camera outside – I had an idea that I would build a big tower – if I can’t succeed in terms of quality then I can at least do well in terms of scale. Its difficult finding an empty space in our garden, so I chose a least full section. The lens was wide open and initially landscape.


I started wide with the bins, and then headed skyward. I actually  had to change the format to portrait it got so high. I had plans of having the cat at the top in a form of totem-pole – but she wouldn’t stay up there, and then it was getting precarious – so it finished with a horse.

The empty space (almost empty space) looks rather sad in comparison. Rather desolate and grey compared to the full space. The objects in piled up were very much to hand – all in the garden and generally hard wearing – so if they fell then they wouldn’t break. So the only oddity really is the placing – there is nothing unusual there, only the grouping together in that form makes it unusual. It looks slightly like some whirlwind has jumbled everything up and left them in a heap.


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