Exercise 4.4 Patchwork

For some reason I decided to make each grid a day. A journey if you like. Not step by step, not chronologically but focused on a single day. There was no formulated timing of shooting – so no shot every hour or whatever. I simply did what I often do and took my camera for a walk. I use a small camera for this, as people don’t notice me taking photos of strange things or them. I tried to keep it abstract as the brief required, but in the grid might through in a few broader landscape/ a specific place shot.

Once I had taken the shots, brought them home, did some selecting, I processed them slightly, and then squared them all. The squaring obviously changed the images quite a bit – the composing in camera was altered, lost, improved – but certainly everything changed. I am quite a fan of the desolate car parks, cinema, empty public space – too many Scandinavian crime dramas possibly. Though they are generally ugly, functional – but always with some attempt to make them attractive, which never really works etc – I quite like the strange colours, shapes, and textures – mixed of course with the emptiness and the threat that seems to always have. I must go to them at night and take some pictures. But the squareness of the images reduced the breadth of these – and took something away from them.

I kept it to a 4X4 grid – as this seemed realistic and manageable. Some images clearly pop out more than others. When I look over the whole grid I see shapes – but my eyes (maybe brain) keeps wanting to identify actual objects etc in the abstractions. This could be cause I know what they are. I like the variety of colour, texture and form. Interestingly – and this could also be just me having created it/ known what each is – but I have been trying to relate one image to another – to give an over reaching theme to it all. Unnecessarily so.

I made 2 grids – one for each day. Each image is limited to the grid of the specific day – there is no interchanging. This was just my decision and not a requirement of the course material. Bright reds and blues really stand out – though this is perhaps because of my normal reliance on grey and dishevelled textures – so any colour stands out – but I was surprised the grids were as colourful as they were. Again the grey issue is probably more a crime drama, desolation issue.

I produced both grids in Elements – just using layers. I thought this would be more difficult than it was – so that was a plus.


Day 1 above – is brighter than I would have expected when I was taking the shots. The colour really stands out overall. Because of this the ones that stand out to me are the less bright ones, with more angular variety – such as the drains and graffiti. Which images are closer and further away seems to be instigated more by the image next to it, rather than any inherent strength. At times the dark ones pop forward, other times they drop back.



Day 2 – Above and below. I replaced one of the distant images with a distant person. I am not sure it made much difference to be honest. I thought it might engage us more, but am not sure it was especially successful. Having the close up of the face in it changes the dynamic of the image quite a bit. Are we predisposed to look at faces closer? I did like his patch though. I had a look at some other students grids, and though I did look at the faces – I don’t think I looked at them more than the other images – some of which were more interesting.


As a whole I think it is a mixed bag – and I could probably make it more homogeneous if I tried – whether I want to or not is a different issue. In some instances the jarring works. I also think that my mind tries to form links – so it tries to have a 2+2= scenario. So putting images (in theory unrelated) together like this creates – for me – a new story.


The finished picture as a whole is not quite the sum of its parts really. I seem to include a lot of lines in my images – and these horizontal and perpendicular lines cross lot. However this is probably more obvious by just having a group of my images together, rather than a balance in the grid. But the linking of images, giving them equal importance – as well as the use of text – is something that interests me generally. So I like that.


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