Exercise 4.5 Layers

Look out of a window from inside and make a photograph that includes all three of these elements: foreground detail in front of the window, a reflection of something otherwise unseen in the window, background environment on the other side of the window.


I really need to attempt this exercise again at night and at home – and will do it again also. But it is summer and with less night time reflections I wanted to get it down.


The interesting thing about the above image was really the way it played with the reflection actually being the foreground. So the reflection was in the kitchen floor rather than the window. The window itself being the middle ground. The background is the object and the background is what we see reflected. It isn’t ideal and the composition is standard, but in my little bored world its ok.


Its summer and we were on a ferry – so I used the window there. You can just about see the reflection of other passengers looking overboard. Composition would have been better with a little more of the hose – just a touch further right – but it is ok. I do like these ferry windows. There is something pretty strange about a ferry – they have improved since I was younger – but there is still something worn and battered about them.

I will have another go at this at night time.


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