Exercise 4.6 Using image layers in Photoshop

Layer a series of photographs that include deep shadow – Choose 4 final images – Place the layers on top of one another and change the blends.

This exercise was quite fun actually. I used 4 images I have taken over the last couple of weeks. I did this essentially to provide variety in the images. A cityscape, holiday snap, picture of the kid, some form of action shot. I don’t really know how to work photoshop as well as I would like – I did buy a book about it, but was a little tired after a while. But after this exercise its clear I need to revisit it. The issue wasn’t so much that I couldn’t make nice images from the blend, or that I didn’t work out what I should/ could do – but really I had no preconceived idea of what changing each mode/ slider would do – and I reckon I should.

Putting the images together was good – the way one worked with another both compositionally and then the variation of one on top of another and swapped, was interesting. I did have some idea of what I wanted to do – hence why I used a large scale portrait – and I do believe photoshop and I will get on really well one day. We just need some extra time together.

It was primarily through trial and error I got to the final image. There are 4 images in there – though the cityscape is a little harder to see than the others, and I forced it in to view as much as a) I could, and b) I wanted to before it spoilt the others. There is also some images of planes – which are in there too. I wanted to keep 4 images in there – because I think for once it might be nice for me to fully satisfy a brief. I made each image the same size – to avoid hard edges – but softening them may have been better – allowing movement of one image inside the boundaries of another.

Anyway – I quite like it in a strange album-cover kind of way.



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