Exercise 4.7 Juxtaposition

Get a few old magazines and newspapers. Decide on a background picture. Now add to it a figure. Substitute the head. Photograph the result.

This was an interesting playtime. I quite like doing these forms of artwork, but should probably have planned it better. My magazines were limited to some photography magazine, the Argos catalogue (the laminated book of dreams), a food magazine, and the Ikea catalogue.

I started off with a nice holiday background. A photo of Nick Cave provided the person and a watch-face is probably the most obvious substitution I could have done, but there it is. A carpet seller image was adapted so to look like he was hanging from the cliff face.


A rather dramatic jelly-fish swims towards the mouth of a sock puppet. The idea was somewhat to appear as if they were some surreal, dream-like image, created of course by the writer.

I enjoyed the project, but probably should have done some of the cutting a little smarter. The face/ watch face is the element I am least happy with. I removed some of the text, simply as it was a distraction and led the viewer in the wrong direction.


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