Exercise 4.8 Photomontage

Search your archive to make a photomontage with your own photographs. Decide on background, parts of the environment, objects and people in the environment.

I decided to print out the pictures, cut them and glue. I did this really because of having done the photoshop element before, so i thought this would be more old-school and fun.I had visions of a Richard Hamilton Pop, or more likely a Monty Python montage, but it wasn’t quite as effective. You can even see the glue – which never happened to Hamilton.

I chose a rather bland but expansive background so that I had options. The dog got included in place of using individual people. I changed the print size of the various images, so they could in some way work together. Most of the subjects in the image were not the primary subjects of their individual photographs. The butterflies for example, are actually dead butterflies from an exhibition, brought back to life.


I had no real preconceived idea of the image when I was choosing shots from Lightroom – I chose object by object and worked on how it looked like afterwards. With the bunny ears and the lampshade I guess there his a surreal element to it, but it isn’t especially strong I don’t think.


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