Exercise 4.10 Processing technique – film look

This was an interesting project for me. I have been trying to do extra work on some ageing with Photoshop. I have a tendency to over use Lightroom for processing. I have a few books I have been reading which offer projects right through from lighting, to shooting, to processing – these have been quite helpful to me and are something I will continue to work on. Despite having done the projects, and this exercise – I haven’t totally understood exactly what I have been doing and why. But I will keep at it.

The suggestions offered by the handbook aren’t necessarily all that I would have chosen, but I did make certain decisions within it. I have been working recently at looking at the processing results of 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s film – after that it moves to digital generally and loses the individuality of the print process. The mass-production, attempting to nail the colour processing, more extreme, interests me, and has a real warmth –  apart from the retro feel it has primary, hand held and created feel. Plus the touchy feely age of getting photos from a chemist, production house, the post or straight from the camera itself. There is something quite attractive in the failings of colour in a 1970s and 80s print.


Above – Before adapted


Above – After adapted


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  1. david516059 says:

    Nice work! I too like that old film look and have wondered how it’s achieved. You’re a few exercises ahead of me so I’ll look forward to this one.


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