Second thoughts – planning outline

These are some just general notes and scribbles regarding the piece. Notebook work really. As this has been an on-going project, notes have overlapped, plans have merged and separated, decisions changed.


Page 1

I don’t know if these notes make anything clearer for anyone. I use this large notebook generally, but also a small notebook which I keep with me all the time – this is generally full of scribbles, notes, references, rough drawings.



This generally gives a starting point for the 1st shoot etc, but as you can see from notes here, there is then a reevaluation of the set-up, work etc, before I move to 2nd shoot.


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  1. david516059 says:

    I do enjoy looking at how other folk use their notebooks. It inspires me to make better use of mine. Thanks for sharing…

    Dave C


  2. oca515648 says:

    No problem. I am a big fan of notebooks – a big fan of stationery in general. I have too many notebooks half filled in – scribbled in, and out of order. So in general with this I have tried to organise it a bit better. It didn’t work. I still have some notes about one project in one place and another in another. I have written notes, badly written and unclear in my pocket notebook that make sense to no one. Its an on-going issue.


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