Another series like Becher

This is really just a follow up of a series we did in Part 3 of the course – Exercise 3.2 Series. I had organised a grid of one of the most boring generic things I could find in the landscape – those phone exchange boxes at the end of everyones street – junction box street furniture they call it.

For some reason people quite liked this series and I had said that I would expend it, based on my finding further versions around that were more dramatic than the typical grey and green.



These were done over a period of a few days, and I have about another 4 or 5 potentials lined up – boxes I have seen, noted their location and will go back and photograph them. As before I keep them in colour, non-Becher-like because, we aren’t black and white anymore, and also it would be a shame to lose the interesting colours and go back to the grey, that the painters of these boxes are trying to get us away from.


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