Joel Meyerowitz 1981 Street Photography

This is great –  I have watched this a couple of times. Actually, its worth watching just for the presenters moustache. A few of my photography friends love street photography – me less so. Its interesting, I sometimes do it as an exercise to get out there and click, but it isn’t really by bag, at the minute anyway.

But  Meyerowitz I like. Again, as I have said before, the corner of a NY street just seems more interesting than the corners here in Dublin – so there is the romantic, glamorous attraction for a start. Plus, for me, the age of the images, the look and feel of the colour photograph, the clothes etc – add a further layer of excitement.

But what is great about this documentary is seeing Meyerowitz in action, talking as he works, explaining the process and how and why he does what he does. He talks about his work with Garry Winogrand and Tony Ray-Jones, we see him change film even. The first time I did street photography I went to a busy high street and started clicking. In the end I started taking pictures of the other street photographers – there seemed to be more of them than shoppers. But I had a long lens, and a big camera and hid in the corner. What I learnt then was to get a smaller camera and get in the action. So its interesting to see Meyerowitz work the same.

Anyway – enjoy – I think I will watch it again now. Watch out for the Tash. Actually you cant miss it.



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