Stephen Shore Interview

I recently read Stephen Shore’s The Nature of Photography, and will type up my notes about that separately – but it led me at the time to watch this YouTube interview. I find that because I am based in Ireland, and on a more correspondence course, it can feel at times like I am missing out on the lecture, visiting lecture, interesting talks element that was part of art school. We have discussed at our OCA Ireland group (a self motivated group that meets once a month) that we don’t really get the full benefit of the OCA support, being based here. Visits are UK based generally, the opportunity to meet in person with tutors or talks is again UK based – so we are putting together a proposal to try and get an Irish based tutor to facilitate our visits etc.

However, and I don’t suppose Stephen Shore is doing an interview in Ireland anyway – without the actual physical visiting lecturers, YouTube is certainly doing a good job for me. This interview along with his book, really had me thinking about the physical and formal attributes of a photographic print. So not just the content of the image – but how the physical form of the print can effect that image. This led me to move away from the photographic paper etc, and more the lithographic print of books.

A very interesting talk.



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