Another influence – John Baldessari

I initially came across the work of John Baldessari because of his tutor work. He was a tutor at the Californian Institute of Arts, seems to have been very well respected as a tutor, and it was there that he was tutor to David Salle. He is regarded as a conceptual artist – whatever that really means. But really his great influence on me comes in the form of his found photography, uses of types of standardised photography, and the incorporation of text into the work.

I have also been interested in his use of story and narrative within the works – for example he recounts the story of the pencil – the link of not just text and image, but story and image.

He is smart – his piece on Space – and how Cezanne or Ucello worked – is very cleaver. Same with the first $100,000 he ever made.

He started off as a painter – and I like his paintings – but it is the mixing of genres that is probably the most interesting. Paint and photography combinations (which lots of people try and do, and most fail) – really work for Baldessari and you can see how he would have influenced Salle etc.

I also really like his cut outs. I think that is an area I might do some pieces in – the actual photograph as a physical art object.



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