Some information I was sent

In 2015 when I was researching the Illustrated History of Clowns and Clowning, I made contact with Robin Andrews, the author’s widow. She wrote to me and gave me further information about he book and her husband, Chuck.

Subsequently – probably about 3 months later – I received a box in the post. It was full of slides and photographs of the family and Chuck. Actually it is full pf photographs of Chuck, his family, his grandparents etc. More information than I could possibly use.

I have kept in touch with Chuck’s sons – who feature in the photographs – and have told them that I still have these family  images and will return them any time they wish. They are of course the family’s property.

Here is a couple of images of the slides and photos.


My father has a slide projector, and I have looked at some of the slides. They are mostly family holidays to places I don’t know. There is no notes made in the boxes. The same is true of the photographs.


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