Exercise 5.2 – Re-sizing a batch of your images for your blog

I use 2 software packages for my photography work. Lightroom for cataloguing, downloading and basic touching up, and then Photoshop Elements for specific work within the image.

I started (after reading some advice from a Nick Fetcher book) to not only resize batches of images, but to actually edit them at the same time too. So if I do a shoot of say 100 images, I might pick 10 that I consider ok. If the lighting, general format of the images is the same, then it is possible to alter exposure etc across the 10 images at once. I have found this a useful time saver and starting point.

If the images need layering etc then this will be done in Photoshop. It is then imported back in to Lightroom for re-sizing, storage etc.


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