Background work – the exhibition

I have been working on the plans for the exhibition of The Illustrated History of Clowns and Clowning. As we are reminded of Joseph Beuys idea that we should always exhibit our work. So with this in mind I have been making plans to exhibit the work – with the aim of doing this some time mid-next year.

As part of the process of creating the exhibition, I have been planning the boards that I would have explaining the reason behind the exhibition and how it came to be created. Also included in the exhibition are some artefacts of the Andrews family – some slides and photographs, along with an interview with Mrs Andrews, and a piece I have been lent by the family (Christy Weaver’s prop).

These plans and boards are subject to some alteration prior to the actual exhibition but at present they are satisfactorily complete.

These will be produced as large, wall mounted boards, as you would see at a museum or gallery. These will be the first element you will approach on entering the gallery. Therefore, the viewer has the background information, before viewing the relevant pages.



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