Exercise 5.4 Inviting and Posting comments

I find looking at other students work very useful, and try to make my site as accessible as possible so that they can look at my work.

I appreciate people liking the posts, and have managed to get some comments etc. I have followed a number of fellow students, across various levels, who’s work is regular and interesting. There is also an email group for Foundations that I am a part of, as well as an Irish OCA photography group that we have started ourselves. We are currently in contact with OCA to try and organise a dedicated tutor here for visits etc.

Some of the comments that I offer, and that have been offered to me have been part of these groups, and subsequently email based. But there have been comments share online. It is interesting what others ‘like’. What others appreciate isn’t always what I would have imagined, nor necessarily what I plan on continuing to do. So, I do appreciate criticism, appreciation, and I take both on board, but I try not to let it over-steer me.

Because of the nature of distance learning, the email group and the Irish Photography group have been very beneficial. Especially the Irish group, due to the level of the fellow students. All are ahead of me, more experienced and fully aware of what it takes to get to that level. This has been encouraging, and they have been hugely realistic of expectations and criticisms of the course – which has helped me enormously.

I hope that the blog is accessible, and reads as that. I try and make it clear when I feel that the piece has been a success or a failure, and the problems I had or elements that I enjoyed. I tried liking other photography pieces outside of OCA, so that they appeared on my Reader, and initially this was enjoyable, but some photographers just put everything and anything up – and certainly everything – so I got flooded with work I didn’t enjoy, which swamped the works I did… so I had to cut down on this somewhat.

I think I would engage my blog more, comment more etc with photographers in OCA but of higher levels… if they would have me.


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