Flowers and still lives – another project

I decided I would have a simple home/ studio contained project I could work on – while preparing larger more difficult projects. Also the aim of working on these still lives/ flower projects is to allow me to practice some light set-ups, but also keep me clicking. My aim is to have at least one of these per week over the next year – thats almost like a New Years resolution – almost.

This is also inspired by Mapplethorpe’s flowers series. I have some idea of how these could work, but also I want to experiment, and that ‘not knowing’, is important to me at the moment – I don’t totally know why. I have a couple of potential light sources available to me – constant cheap Chinese lamps, my fathers Elinchrom strobes, and then a speed light – so the opportunity to experiment with all of these should be interesting. My feeling is that it will be easier to experiment on an inanimate object.

As well as Mapplethorpe’s flowers, I am also influences by the dutch master paintings of the 17th century. This is where I am starting at present. I don’t know where it will end up.




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  1. david516059 says:

    There’s a nice Dutch feel this, I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oca515648 says:

      Yeah – its strangely enjoyable.


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