Exercise 3.8 – Re-photographing

Take a photo of a person’s face. Set up a small arrangement of objects. Re-photograph a photograph or collection can help different elements in the composition to gel into the same visual ‘space’.

I am trying to move through some of these exercises a little quicker than in the past. I have been spending too long on certain projects, and then am far behind in the general over-reaching sections.

I felt however this was an opportunity to do some simple basic shots and move on. I don;t have very much to say about this project as it was spelled out in the papers. When the children were playing games with their mother I took her picture – then asked her to decorate, mentioning ‘glasses’ and ‘beard’, as it says in the documentation – and being the imaginative little soul she is, thats what I got.


I used the same principle with the still life. However I felt printing, cutting etc, was so last century, that I used iPads instead. I created a traditional still life set-up and then made it slightly cubist with the iPads.

I wasn’t especially imaginative with this project – but it was to some extent more prescriptive than others.